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Most of the major maintenance activities are performed during the non-irrigation season (October thru March) each year. Along with necessary ditch cleaning and system maintenance, water conservation & fish passage improvements have been a necessary component the past several years.


The Consultation which began in 2003 is still ongoing. The objectives of the irrigation districts involved in the Consultation are to protect and sustain the current water supply and rights of the Talent, Medford and Rogue River Valley irrigation districts by providing accurate science to the process based on historically accurate information.

All three districts’ management, boards and staff, together with legal, scientific and biological teams have attended countless meetings with Federal agencies and their experts to assure that the districts continue to be able to operate and maintain the irrigation district facilities and assets for the primary purpose for which the Talent Division of the Rogue River Basin Project was designed.

The Bureau of Reclamation submitted a Supplemental Biological Assessment to the National Oceanic Atmospheric Administration (NOAA) in January 2009. NOAA is now in the process of developing the final Biological Opinion for the Rogue Basin which will likely impose operational changes in water management on the irrigation districts to ensure the continued existence of federally-listed threatened species and their habitat. The exact operational changes are not known at this time, but the districts and their consultants are continuing to be represented at every meeting to give input to Reclamation and NOAA to minimize the impact of any proposed operational changes.

The Consultation continues to be very time and resource consuming and expensive for the irrigation districts; however, the crucial concern is that a poorly written Biological Opinion with a finding that the federal project which supplies our water is jeopardizing the continued existence of the species, or is adversely modifying its habitat, could severely hamper the districts’ ability to deliver a full water supply to their patrons. The preservation of our water supply is of the utmost importance to the districts, their patrons and communities they serve.

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