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DROUGHT CONTINGENCY PLAN For 2015 (Medford Irrigation District)

Section I: Declaration of Policy, Purpose, and Intent

The Board of Directors of the Medford Irrigation District deems it to be in the interest of the District to adopt Rules and Regulations governing the equitable and efficient allocation of limited water supplies during times of shortage. These Rules and Regulations constitute the Districtís drought contingency plan. The primary objective of this Plan is to identify drought caused water supply shortages, water demand reduction goals and to recommend demand management measures. For a drought situation, prior to the beginning of the irrigation season, but not later than April 1, the District will evaluate itís current reservoir storage, forecasted runoff, and to determine what water supply stage will apply during the year. In order to effect the most current information for water supply, the March Snow Survey information for Fourmile Reservoir and Fish Lake from previous years will be used to make a preliminary determination of the Districtís water supplies. Delivery options will be evaluated and a recommendation shall be made by the Medford Irrigation District Board of Directors.

Section II: User Involvement

Opportunity for users of water from the Medford Irrigation District was provided by means of Medford Irrigation Districtís website, mailing a Newsletter

Section III: User Education The Medford Irrigation District will periodically provide water users with information about the Plan, including information about the conditions under which water allocation is to be initiated or terminated and the districtís policies and procedures for water allocation. This information will be provided by means of Medford Irrigation Districtís website, mailing a Newsletter.

Section IV: Authorization

The District Manager Carol Bradford is hereby authorized and directed to implement the applicable provision of the Plan upon determination by the Board that such implementation is necessary to ensure the equitable and efficient allocation of limited water supplies during times of shortage.

Section V: Application

The provisions of the Plan shall apply to all persons utilizing water provided by the Medford Irrigation District. The term ďpersonĒ as used in the Plan includes individuals, corporations, partnerships, associations, and all other legal entities. Section VI: Initiation of Water Allocation The District Manager shall monitor water supply conditions on a daily basis and shall make recommendations to the Board regarding irrigation of water allocation.

Section VII: Termination of Water Allocation

The districtís water allocation policies will remain in effect until the conditions defined in Section IV of the Plan no longer exist and the Board deems that the need to allocate water no longer exists.

Section VIII: Notice

Notice of the initiation of water allocation will be given by notice posted on the Districtís website and communication with water users.

Section IX: Water Allocation

(a) In identifying specific, quantified targets for water allocation to be achieved during periods of water shortages and drought, each irrigation user shall be allocated 21 day rotations for flood irrigation and 18 days for pressure irrigation. The water allotment in each irrigation account will be expressed in acre-feet of water. The District will adhere to a strict rotation schedule.

(b) Acreage in an irrigation account that has not been irrigated for any reason within the last two (5) consecutive years will be considered inactive and will not be allocated water.

Section X: Transfers of Allotments

(a) A water allocation in an active irrigation account may be transferred within the boundaries of the District from one irrigation account to another. The transfer of water can only be made by the landownerís agent who is authorized in writing to act on behalf of the landowner in the transfer of all or part of the water allocation from the described land of the landowner covered by the irrigation account. Transfers of water outside the District shall not affect the allocation of water under Section VII of these Rules and Regulations.

Section XI: Penalties

Any person, who willfully opens, closes, changes or interferes with any headgate or uses water in violation of these Rules and Regulations, shall be considered in violation.

Section XII: Severability

It is hereby declared to be the intention of the Board of Directors of the Medford Irrigation District that the sections, paragraphs, sentences, clauses, and phrases of this Plan shall be declared unconstitutional by the valid judgment or decree of any court of competent jurisdiction, such unconstitutionality shall not affect any of the remaining phrases, clauses, sentences, paragraphs, and sections of this Plan, since the same would not have been enacted by the Board without the incorporation into this Plan of any such unconstitutional phrase, clause, sentence, paragraph, or section.

Section XIII: Authority

The foregoing rules and regulations are adopted by Medford Irrigation District Board of Directors.

Section XIV: Effective Date of Plan

The effective date of this Rule shall be five (5) days following the date of Publication hereof and ignorance of the Rules and Regulations is not a defense for a prosecution for enforcement of the violation of the Rules and Regulations.



Any landowner who owns and/leases irrigated land totaling 40.1 acres or more must annually file RRA forms with the District office prior to receiving irrigation water. The Bureau of Reclamation requires that RRA forms be on file prior to any water being delivered to the property of owners who own and/or lease irrigated land totaling 40.1 acres or more. If your landholdings change in anyway during the year, which includes moving your property into a trust, it is imperative that the landowner contact the District office to update their RRA forms. The District makes every effort to help landowners comply with the RRA regulations, but it is absolutely the landowner's responsibility to understand the law and make sure that the correct forms are filled out and on file. Please remember when you make any changes in your landholdings that put you at 40.1 acres or more owned and/or leased, to contact the District office for the necessary RRA forms. The District only updates our ownership records twice a year with Jackson County's records, so your diligence in communicating any changes you make to your landholdings is the utmost importance.


Beginning January 1, 2012 the District has expenses that are requiring extra services that should be born by the effected party and not the water users.

The new fees are:

Irrigation Fees (charged at a 1 acre minimum)

Account Charger (per tax lot) = $100.00

Old Land (per acre) = $69.00

New Land(per acre) = $69.00

Adminsitrative Fees

1. Transfer off/Quitclaim = $350.00 each plus $95.00 GIS mapping fee per tax lot

2.Transfer on = $550.00 application fee plus $95.00 GIS mapping fee per tax lot

3.Instream Lease = $400.00 OWRD fees,1-4 tax lots and $500.00 processing fee per tax lot

4.Pond application = $55.00 plus $95.00 GIS mapping fee

5.Returned check fee = $25.00

6.$55.00 Title search fee per tax lot

7.$50.00 Letter in general, to inquires

8.Lien fee = $220.00

9. Fees to review plat maps, letters, on-site visits for developers/surveyers,etc.

    a. $100.00 initial review
    b. $50.00 per letter
    c. $50.00 onsite visit
    d. $50.00 any repeat/extra
    e. $55.00 lien search fee per tax lot
    f. $95.00 GIS mapping fee per tax lot
    g. Oregon Water Resources Dept. fees
    ***All fees subject to change***
The District's

The Medford Irrigation District's water supplies for the 2015 season will be below a normal season and we will probably have to initiate our "Drought Plan" at least after we go onto...

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