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The District is so relieved that we have 50" of snow pack at our highest lake. Fourmile storage is at 40% full. Fish Lake is currently at 0 inches snow pack and 62% of full. For the South Reservoirs, (Howard Prairie, Hyatt and Emigrant) Medford Irrigation District's percentage of allocations (so far) is 50%. We are hoping to reach 75% overall. The stream flows need to stay up in order to supply all our Patrons until at least mid-June. This will allow us not to tap into the stored waters until after this. At this point the volumes and how often spring rains occur will determine the type of irrigation season we all will have. Though,it is better than last year. The field crew has been busy bringing water down from the South and North Forks of Little Butte Creeks. This involves placing boards across the creeks at the diversions, activating the fish screens, etc. Placing boards in the numerous creek/canal crossings and cleaning debris out of in front of the head of the water as it flows through the delivery system. Currently we have some flows near the end of the East Main Canal (Phoenix area). For the West Side, the Bear Creek diversion has been installed and creek crossings have boards installed. The water is currently at Horns Creek (Old Stage Rd.) and will be pushed all the way to the end of the main canal by Friday, if all goes well. Water delivery requests will be taken next week, but full deliveries are anticipated to begin May 2nd.

(Medford Irrigation District)

Section I: Declaration of Policy, Purpose, and Intent



Any landowner who owns and/leases irrigated land totaling 40.1 acres or more must annually file RRA forms with the District office prior to receiving irrigation water. The Bureau of Reclamation requires that RRA forms be on file prior to any water being delivered to the property of owners who own and/or lease irrigated land totaling 40.1 acres or more. If your landholdings change in anyway during the year, which includes moving your property into a trust, it is imperative that the landowner contact the District office to update their RRA forms. The District makes every effort to help landowners comply with the RRA regulations, but it is absolutely the landowner's responsibility to understand the law and make sure that the correct forms are filled out and on file. Please remember when you make any changes in your landholdings that put you at 40.1 acres or more owned and/or leased, to contact the District office for the necessary RRA forms. The District only updates our ownership records twice a year with Jackson County's records, so your diligence in communicating any changes you make to your landholdings is the utmost importance.


Beginning January 1, 2016 the District has expenses that are requiring extra services that should be born by the effected party and not the water users.

The new fees are:

Irrigation Fees (charged at a 1 acre minimum)

Account Charge (per tax lot) = $100.00

Old Land (per acre) = $73.00

New Land(per acre) = $73.00

Adminsitrative Fees

1. Transfer off/Quitclaim = $350.00 each plus $95.00 GIS mapping fee per tax lot

2.Transfer on = $550.00 application fee plus $95.00 GIS mapping fee per tax lot

3.Instream Lease = $400.00 OWRD fees,1-4 tax lots and $500.00 processing fee per tax lot

4.Pond application = $55.00 plus $95.00 GIS mapping fee

5.Returned check fee = $25.00

6.$55.00 Title search fee per tax lot

7.$50.00 Letter in general, to inquires

8.Lien fee = $220.00

9. Fees to review plat maps, letters, on-site visits for developers/surveyers,etc.

    a. $100.00 initial review
    b. $50.00 per letter
    c. $50.00 onsite visit
    d. $50.00 any repeat/extra
    e. $55.00 lien search fee per tax lot
    f. $95.00 GIS mapping fee per tax lot
    g. Oregon Water Resources Dept. fees
    ***All fees subject to change***


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